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Bible Passage Deut 8;17-18, Dan 4:30-31
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Christian Values For Career Success-Youth Service

  • Bro Laolu Bolarinwa (Youth President)
Date preached July 16, 2023

Christian Values For Career Success-Youth Service

How to attain success and remain in it:

1. Understand that God is the source.

Deut 8v 17 – 18, As Christians the success we want and need is in him. We must consciously acknowledge him in our Career and is the reason why we are succeeding.

Walk in humilty, point to God and glorify God with your career and ultimately your life.

2. Hard work

Hardwork will always win. Hardwork is when you are diligent, committed in putting necessary & required effort to ensure you achieve your goals and objective.

Hardwork teaches discipline, dedication, diligence & determination.


3. Prayers and Good Spiritual Health.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood. To be successful and maintain success you must pray. Ephe 6 v 12 – 13. As Christians we must understand that the spiritual affects the physical.

4. Desire for excellence and growth.

– You have to desire to grow and be excellent. Take that course, training today, take that exam today to build competency, quality, and excellence in your chosen field.

5. Godly character (Integrity, honesty, reliable and trustworthy)

Once you have Godly character, you will find peace and favour with all men necessary for your manifestation. Prov 16 v 7.

6. Be Pro-active and not re-active.

Plan ahead, do things in time, prepare ahead, seek opportunities ahead, take the initiative at work, dont always be told what to do. Col 4 v 5

7. Have mentors and counsellors

Provs 15 v 22 – with many counsellors are plans & goals established. A mentor who has better skills and experience in a desired area will broaden your vision and help guide you on the most pliable Pathway to success in that area.
8. See your works to service to God and humanity

Ephe 6 v 7- God will always reward faithfulness even in your place, always see your work as service to God and humanity, give your best as at everytime. even though you feel the circumstances does not deserve your best please always give it your best. Your service as a Christian is to God and not man.

9. Be open to constructive criticism and improvement

Nobody is perfect or knows it all, wear the brand of humility and seek constructive criticism to identify areas where you are lacking and seek improvements.

10. Avoid greed and pride.

Greed & pride will always not help us to get to where we want to be. Because there is no end of money, if you love money and seek it in an unhealthy way you would never have enough or be fulfilled.

Eccl 5v 10.

Contentment is a virtue for every Christian.

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