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Beyond Expectations by Sis. Lola Fasanya

  • Sis. Lola Fasanya
Date preached August 20, 2023
  • We need to be conscious and guard against a common pattern; aligning with God on Sundays and aligning with the world during the week.
  • We have the light, we have received the light, yet we still sit in the region of darkness outside the church.

Youth Service – 20, August 2023


Beyond Expectations


Sis. Lola Fasanya

Bible References:

Ephesians 3:20

Romans 8:32

Mark 2:12

1Kings 4:29

Job 42:12

How to position ourselves to exceed expectations?

1. The need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit-

2. Keep confessing the word.

3. Be responsive and obey God’s instructions

4. Ask with the right motive- James 4:3

5. We must trust the Lord- Romans 4:18

Prayer points

  • Father, give me testimonies that are beyond my expectations.
  • Father, help us to position ourselves correctly this season, may this not elude us in Jesus name.
  • Father, help me to cooperate with you to be able to do that which you have promised to do in Jesus name
  • *Father, hasten your word to fulfil the testimonies that are beyond my expectations.

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