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Family service
Sunday, 15 October, 2023

Second Service
Topic: Being in Goshen

Pastor( Mrs.) Josephine Olaleye

Things that God said He will be to us
1. I will be your peace
2. I will be your strength
3. I will be your provider
4. I will be your wisdom
5. I will be your rock and strong tower

Prayer points
1. Father in my life and my family, please help me.
2. Father because you are my father and you have promised to help me, help my family in Jesus name.
3. Father, shorten the time, quicken the time to the fulfillment of your promises upon this land let it come to pass in Jesus name.
4. Father, we stand on your word for this country and cry to you.
5. Father, in your mercy we ask for peace in these specific times.

We should not let our hearts be troubled despite the happenings in the world around us.

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