This is a special Service held every 2nd Sunday of the month, 2nd Service,  where we extensively dig & share the word of God.  (10:00am-12:00pm). Sunday School Starts by 9:30am

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  • PEACE BE STILL BY DADDY G O on this day, March 29 2020 March 29, 2020
    If God is in your boat, it can never sink.Bible Texts: Mark 4: 35-41, Psalm 35:27, Job 36:11, Gen 1:28, Exodus 15:26, John 1:3, John 9:1-7, Daniel 2:20-21, John 8:1-11, 1 King 3:1-28, Prov 1:24-27.embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: […]
  • Provision for the journey by Pastor Joshua Olaleye February 23, 2020
    Rabbai SundayTopic: Provision for the journey.1. Having been delivered from the land of Egypt only two of them made it to the promised land. 2. Being saved from captivity is not an automatic guaranty of getting to the promised land.3. Our unbelief does not erase the fact that God is a promise keeper. 4. If u cannot […]
  • GREATER WORKS by Pastor Joshua Olaleye September 22, 2019
     Bible reading : John14vs12As believers we are called by His grace.Your fruitfulness can only come when u recognize your call.OUR CALL AS A BELIEVER;1. We have been called to a relationship with God . John1:12. It takes relationship with God to become sons (mark3:14)2. We have been called into fellowship . The Holy Spirit is […]
  • The part of true greatness by Pastor Joshua August 25, 2019
    Rabbi ServiceMinister: Pastor Joshua OlaleyeText: Job 22:23-30Topic: The part of true greatnessThere is divine provision for you in God.For every provision there is a condition to be met .What does it mean to be great ?To be great is to be remarkable and outstanding.Every one is destined to be great but not every one will […]
  • Arise and Shine by Dcn Tomi Oyatoye July 28, 2019
    Rabbi ServiceText: Isaiah 60:1-3Shining is to draw others to the Glory of the lord.Identity crises is one of the problems in the world. This is when you can identify who your true enemies is. And who our God is. Who is God to you. Who are you in Christ . The more you know who […]
  • Remember Lot's wife June 23, 2019
    Rabbi serviceMinister: Pastor OlaleyeTopic: Remember Lot's wifeText: Luke 17:20-32The world is rounding up and the coming of Jesus is at hand . Romans 13:11. Jude 1:5.Being saved today is not enough garauntee for salvation . Phil 2:12.Your state of mind and attitude will show where you will end .Looking at lot wife as an example Genesis […]
  • Called to stand out by Pastor Joshua Olaleye April 28, 2019
    Rabbi serviceMinister: Pst Joshua OlaleyeText: Gensis 6:5-9Topic: Called to stand out (Romans 12:2)We live in a society that want us to conform to what the Society wants. 1st  peter 2:9You are called out to stand out. Not to fit into the mode of the society.Isaiah 65:8You are the New wine in a cluster and you […]
  • Redemption Benefits by Pastor Joshua Olaleye March 24, 2019
    Rabbi serviceMinister: Pastor OlaleyeTopic: Redemption BenefitsText: 1st Peter 2- 9:10Redemption offers blessings beyond human reasoning.Redemption is a response to God's call and take actions by stepping out to reach out to God.When there is no fruit of redemption , frustration sets in.- what does redemption offer us1. To take us out of shame to step […]
  • Divine connection by Pastor Emovon January 27, 2019
    Divine connectionDay 1Pastor EmovonTopic: Enjoying God's gloryText:1st thess  2:12The call into Christianity is a call to glory.Psalm 24:7-10God is the king of glory and he enjoys glory.. Revelation 5:131st John 4:17, 1st Timothy 6:17God can manifest Glory in different ways1. It can manifest in form of wealth: There is nothing glorious in poverty 2nd Corinthians […]
  • Shine by Bro Ifeanyi Eke April 29, 2018
    Every light as its source from somewhere, Jesus is the light and only true light. John 1vs 4, Sunday serviceMinister: Bro IfeanyiText: Mathew 5:14-16Topic: ShineFrom the text we understand that 1. There is darkness in the world, Ephesians 6:122. The world is in need of light.3. Light attracts and its obvious . As a Christian your light […]