3 hours with God

No more failure by Pastor Ayoola Adeyanju- 3Hours with God

Topic: No more failure 

Text- Luke 5:1- 8, psalm 1:3, Nahum 1:6, 2Timothy 4:8, 1Thessalonians 2:18


Failure is making unsuccessful attempts it’s also the absence of success.  Failure is a state of being full of activities and lacking productivity. You won’t spend your strength in vain 

When God says no more failure

* He’s is saying an end has come to failure in your life.  Nahum 1:9

* He is saying the same place you’ve failed you will succeed there. Romans 9:26

* Your success will not be reversed 

* You will move from a lower level of success to a higher success. proverbs 4:18

* You will not only succeed but you’ll end in success psalm 37:7

Why do men fail? 

* Men fail when they don’t know what to do to succeed. 

* Men fail because they don’t have the Capability to succeed. 

* Men fail not because they don’t know what to do, nor have the ability to do the needful but they fail because there are unforeseen forces working against them to succeeding. Zechariah 3:1

The difference between success and failure is knowledge. 

Prayer for you

* Every gang up to deny me of my hard labour God will handle them 

* The last time you fail will be the last time you’ll fail 

* Every idol attached to your destiny to supervise your success will not succeed 

* Messenger of success is released unto you and whatever you lay your hands upon would prosper. 

* You will enjoy good success in your career, destiny, marriage, academics. 

* You will excel 

* He would make a way for you 

* Your next result will be celebrated 

* The lord will fill your mouth with laughter 

* Obstruction on your way is cleared 

* Among your contemporaries God will make you a reference point

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