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    • Attaining growth in every area of our lifes by Pastor Mrs Olaleye January 20, 2019
      Family service Pst Mrs OlaleyeLuke 15 ;11Attaining growth in every area of our lifesWe will be looking atGrowthAwarenessActions1. GrowthThere are levels of growth to God, God speaks constantly everyday this is a means of growth, also in your family and business and other part you need growth.Growth is increase in size, it is movement from […]
    • Intimacy in Relationships By Asst Pastor Josephine Olaleye April 15, 2018
      Topic: Intimacy in relationshipsText: Philippians 2:1-11Intimacy comes from a Latin word, that means closeness . i.e vulnerable sharing of ourselves It's about opening ourselves to our partners and children, knowing that we won't be judged .Foundations to intimacy It is based on: love ForgivenessAcceptanceTrust ToleranceCommunicationRespect Intimacy is not automatic, but when you invest in intimacy […]
    • Understanding needs in Family Relationship Part 2 by Mrs Olaleye February 22, 2018
      Preacher: Pastor Mrs Josephine OlaleyeQuestion from part 1 last month: Question 1: I am not from the same tribe as my wife, but my mother in-law wants respect from me even though we disrespect each other . What should I do?Answers from the congregation:1. Understand the problem2. Understand the kind of respect to be given […]
    • What God says about separation and Divorce June 22, 2016
      Speaker Mrs OlaleyeTopic: Domestic Violence Part II ( SEPERATION AND DIVORCES)Text:Date: 19 June 2016Question from previous family serviceHow can you manage someone who sees you as a threat?Ans: Communicate with the individual and let them understand that you're no a threat.What is the church's stand on separation of couples?Math 19 vs 3-10Separation: it can be […]

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