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    • Attaining growth in every area of our lifes by Pastor Mrs Olaleye January 20, 2019
      Family service Pst Mrs OlaleyeLuke 15 ;11Attaining growth in every area of our lifesWe will be looking atGrowthAwarenessActions1. GrowthThere are levels of growth to God, God speaks constantly everyday this is a means of growth, also in your family and business and other part you need growth.Growth is increase in size, it is movement from […]
    • Intimacy in Relationships By Asst Pastor Josephine Olaleye April 15, 2018
      Topic: Intimacy in relationshipsText: Philippians 2:1-11Intimacy comes from a Latin word, that means closeness . i.e vulnerable sharing of ourselves It's about opening ourselves to our partners and children, knowing that we won't be judged .Foundations to intimacy It is based on: love ForgivenessAcceptanceTrust ToleranceCommunicationRespect Intimacy is not automatic, but when you invest in intimacy […]
    • Understanding needs in Family Relationship Part 2 by Mrs Olaleye February 22, 2018
      Preacher: Pastor Mrs Josephine OlaleyeQuestion from part 1 last month: Question 1: I am not from the same tribe as my wife, but my mother in-law wants respect from me even though we disrespect each other . What should I do?Answers from the congregation:1. Understand the problem2. Understand the kind of respect to be given […]
    • What God says about separation and Divorce June 22, 2016
      Speaker Mrs OlaleyeTopic: Domestic Violence Part II ( SEPERATION AND DIVORCES)Text:Date: 19 June 2016Question from previous family serviceHow can you manage someone who sees you as a threat?Ans: Communicate with the individual and let them understand that you're no a threat.What is the church's stand on separation of couples?Math 19 vs 3-10Separation: it can be […]
    • Watch Video of yesterday's Capturing events July 7, 2014
      The Good Women Choir proved to be a strong force in the church. Coincidentally, having their presentation clock exactly one year to their first recorded presentation (July 6th 2013 to July 7th 2014). To watch their first ever presentation recorded as a group click hereClick here to watch on YoutubeAwesome performance by the Good Women […]

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