Ministration, Thanksgiving

Divine Enablement by Pastor Joshua

Bible Text: Judges 6 vs 11-16

Assumptions of people towards the nation.
1. The nation has been forgotten
2. Some are assuming God can’t come out
3. Some say God has no interest in this country
4. Some say the enemies are too powerful for the nation
5. Some say the testimony of old days is a fallacy
6. Some people’s beliefs is to do evil, and have your share
This assumption also goes for people who have given up on their selves and God.
Divine enablement makes all this work for good and reality.
Jeremiah 29:11
John 38:5

Divine enablement is when a man receives grace to do what he won’t do normally..
What divine enablement can do:
Luke 1 vs 36-38
Judges 15:16
2kings vs 19:3
– How to contact your divine enablement
1. The presence of God.. The presence of God erases man’s inability to enthrone Gods possibility. Gen 38 vs 1:3
2.  Spirt of God… When the spirit if God is upon you.. You become a superhuman.
3. Make Christ the centre of your life… Give all to him.
In conclusion divine enablement is the grace to do things you think you can’t do. Make Christ at the center of your life. The fact doesn’t matters, the truth matters.

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